Ques: Do you teach vedic astrology in both online and group class ?

Ans: Yes, I teach vedic astrology in both online and group class.

Ques : How many students are in group class?

Ans: 5 or 6 students. There are only five to six students in each group class .

Ques: When does group class start ?

Ans : Now-a-days new group class starts from the first week of each month.

Ques: How much time you take to give prediction online ?

Ans : Within one hour. you just deposit fee in my account and get your answer either over mobile or telephone or yahoo massenger within one hour.

Ques : What is difference between your group class and other ?

Ans : Firstly , group strenght is less.Secondly, I teach evert topics with examples which clear the conception of topic to students.Such facility is not given by any other institute in the world.

Ques : Can we talk over mobile from you if we had any curisity to know regarding group/online classes ?

Ans : Yes, You can talk over mobile to clear your doubts regarding astrology classes and other topics.

Ques: Do I pay fee by draft ?

Ans: Yes, you can pay fee by drafts .But you will haveto send drafts by reliable courier service.It will be better tp pay fee by internet banking.

Ques: Can I get prediction over mobile ?

Ans: Yes, You can get prediction over mobile and by email also.You just pay fee by internet banking and you can get your answer withing hours after the confirmation of fee.

Ques: How many students are in group class ?

Ans: There are only 5/6 students in each group.There is one to one system for online class.