Anyone wants manual horoscope or computerised horoscope you can give order. You will get horoscope within one week after the clearance of fee. you must inform me about the deposit of fee in ICICI bank with date and month either by email or by telephone. If you want horoscope with prediction , then you will have to pay prediction charge also. Horoscope will be sent by post. So you will have to pay postal fee also.

My site provides chatting room for chat with me also. Chatting facility is on every Sunday between 11AM to12 PM IST.On every Sunday between 11AM to 12 PM IST you can chat with me and can know anything regarding astrology class and other things like the rules of astro-class from me. This time is also for prediction. Just deposit fee online in my ICICI bank and get your answer same time .Fee is confirmed at the same time.

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