The Solar system, planets, equator, latitude, longitude, zonal time

Astrological Mathematics
Calculation of standard, local time, duration of day and night, retrograde and direct motions of planets, casting of horoscope, natal and chalit, calculation of vimsottari dasa and antardasa

Divisional Charts
Calculation of lagna, hora, dreshkkan, chaturthamsha, saptamsa, navamsha, dashmamsha, dwadashmsha, sodshamsha, vimshamsha, chaturvimshamsha, saptvimshamssha, trishamsha, kharesamsha, akshredamsha, shastiamsha

Find out tithi, paksha, month, nakshatra, increase and decrease of tithi, kshaya and adhik mass, name of nakshatras, yog, karan

HouYogases of horoscope
The 12 houses, their significance, significators, kendra, trikonas, trik, trishaday, apachay, upchay

Yoga formed by sun and moon, budhaditya yog, gajkeshari yoga, panchmanapurush yogas, rajyogas,total fifty important yogas

Signs and Planets
Characteristics of signs, their nature, elements, even and odd signs, male and female signs, earthy, airy, firey and watery signs, shirshodaya, prishthodaya and ubnayodaya signs, Characteristics of planets,Significance of planets,Karaka and planets,Natural friendship,Temporary friendship,Exalted an debilitated signs of planets in respect of degree,Mooltrikona sign of planets and degree,Enemy of planets,Aspects of planets

Basic rules of prediction, Mritu Bhag,22nd Deshkaan and its effects in prediction,64th Navamsa and its effect in prediction,Basic rules of Laghu Prasari and its impotance in prediction, Sudershan Chakra and accurate prediction , Kendradhipati Dosh and its importance in prediction

Panchang tithi, type of tithi, type of nakshatras, calculation of nakhshatras, sarvarth sidhi yoga, muhuratha for marriage, for starting a shop, for entering a house, for journey

Timing of birth of child,Abortion,Still birth,Medical fit and unfit of spouse

Birth of youngers,Birth of elder brothers,Single child of his parents

Indu lagna
What is Indu lagna,Indu lagna and wealth,How will Indu lagna be calculated