Analysis of horoscope
Results of 12 houses of horoscope and analysis of yoga, analysis of health, finance, education, profession, children, marriage

Yogini Dasa, Yogini Dasa and unique method for prediction, Jaimini Dasa, Jaimini

To find bindus and rekhasof ashtakvarga, sarvastakvarga, importance of ashtakvarga in transit,Sani saade saati and sarvastak varga, Prediction of Sanis saade saati with transit, Sani Saade saati and bad or good results

Secret of prediction, Rahu and Ketu, Its importance in prediction

Calculation and their resuls of upagarha like gulika, mandi, dhoom and yamghantak

Principal of horary astrology, how to analyse different queries like theft, disease, marriage, children, business

Early marriage, Delayed marriage,Yoga for child and childless,Delivery of child,Medical and child,Nature of husband and wife,Kunj dosha and when bad or strenghtless

Medical Astrology
House and disease, planet and disease, Lunacy and Insanity, Gland disease, Eye disease, Dental disease, Kidney disease,Impotency Disease, Mouth disease, Chest and Lungs disease, Breast disease, Stomach disease, Lever disease, Disfigurement of limbs and astrology, Leukamia and Astrology, Cancer disease, Leprosy disease, Dumbness disease, Fracture of bones, Astrology and Anaemia , Veneral disease, Menstrual disease, Astrology and Hydrocel , Diabetes disease, Dysentry disease , Gall bladder disease, Hernia and astrology, Small and chicken pox disease, Skin disease like itches, Dropsy disease , Bery-Bery and Astrology, Sex and Astrology

Matching of horoscope for marriage
Ashtakoot matching – varna, vashya, tara, yoni, grah maitri, gana, bhakoot and nadi, mangal dosh, determination of health, wealth and children