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Sign of Nature : The Ruler
Ruling Planet : Sun
Symbol : The Lion
Element : Fire
Color : Golden Yellow
Metal : Gold
Gem Stone : Amber, Ruby, Peridot
Quality : Fixed


This  year 2019 will not be  good  for  you.From  June to December of 2019, you may fall in debt.From  January to April of 2019 spouse life will be tenseful. From May to December of 2019, it will be normal.Tension is possible  from   January to April  of 2019.This year is not good for your children.


Till  May 2019, you will not get job but you  my start new business till May 2019.Serviceman   may face  some tension in job.Conflicts  with senior person in office is possible.From 15th February 2019 to  15th March of 2019, you may get job.But it is little hope.From 15th June to 15th July 2019, it is good time for job.


Health will be average .There  is  no  any  major  health  problem.