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Sign of Nature : The Diplomat
Ruling Planet : Venus
Symbol : The Scales
Element : Air
Color : Pink, Pale Blue
Metal : Copper
Gem Stone : Emerald, Diamond
Quality : Cardinal (Moveable)


This year 2019 will be good  for  you.Change  of place  is possible.From January  to  May of 2019 is not good  for you  in respect of  income.During this period , investment should be avoided.You will not  get  so  good results as you expect  from January  to May of 2019.Spouse life will be disturbed from January  to May of  2019.Tension is possible from  the side  of children from January to  May of 2019.Bad relation is  possible from relatives and siblings.


This year is  good in respect of profession .From 15th  February to  15th March of 2019,you may get job or promotion is  possible.15th June to 15th July of 2019 is also good for profession.From 15th September to 15th October of 2019  is  also good for profession.Again 15th is also good  for profession .Again 15th November  to  15th December of 2019 is good for profession.


This year 2019 will be good for your health but some health problem  is possible in October of 2019.