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Sign of Nature : The Builder
Ruling Planet : Venus
Symbol : The Bull
Element : Earth
Color : Violet, Blue
Metal : Copper
Gem Stone : Diamond
Quality : Fixed


This year 2019 will bring both  sorrow  and happy.From  June to December 2019 , it is bad time for  brother and mother in respect of  health. Education will be disturbed this year.Some problem  is possible from the side of  children. Spouse life will be tensionful  in January  and February of 2019. From January To May 2019 will  be good  for you.


From  January  to May of 2019 some problem will come in your profession.From June to December 2019 will be  good  time for  your  profession.


You will face  some  health problem in April and May of 2019.August of 2019 is also not good  month  in  respect of health.