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Sign of Nature : The Critic
Ruling Planet : Mercury
Symbol : The Virgin
Element : Earth
Color : Navy Blue, Grey
Metal : Mercury
Gem Stone : Emerald, Sardonyx, Hessonite (Gomedha)
Quality : Mutable (Dual)


This year  2019 is not good for  you.There  are many difficulties in your life. Spouse life will be disturbed  from  February  to  December  of  2019.You will  have to face  some problems from the side of children  from January to  May of 2019.March 2019 will be better  for  you  in respect of  wealth.Again from May to June of 2019 will be good in respect of wealth.


From 15th June to 15th July of 2019 will be better for you  in respect of  profession.15th July to 15th August 2019, it is time for alert in profession.Donot invest money.From June to December of 2019 ,your  profession will  be disturbed and you will be in tense  due to profession.


This year 2019 is  not good for  health.From June to December of 2019.You should be alert towards health.